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Theater City

This beautiful residence city is characterized by glamorous classical buildings and historic Thuringian half-timbered houses, which will surely inspire you during a guided city tour. You will find peace and quiet in the natural surroundings of the extensive inner-city parks where you might run across traces of Johannes Brahms, Ludwig Bechstein, and Max Reger, who significantly influenced the cultural background of Meiningen. You can learn much more about famous Meiningen personalities on a tour of Elisabethenburg Castle, which has dedicated an exhibition to Friedrich Schiller, who spent some time in Bauerbach near Meiningen.

Are you interested in historical steam locomotives? Then a visit to the Meininger steam locomotive works, where “steel horses” from long ago are still being repaired, is just the thing for you. With 1,000 events each year, the tranquil town of Meiningen is one of the great cultural cities in Thuringia. A visit to our famous Meiningen State Theatre is certainly the highlight of any stay in our town!

If you prefer to use your leisure time for excercising, then the many cycling and hiking paths - including aquatic hikes - in and around Meiningen will offer you a wide range of possibilities.

Ernestinerstraße 2
98617 Meiningen

Telefon: +49 (0) 3693 / 44 65 0
Telefax: +49 (0) 3693 / 44 65 44


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Meiningen | 29. 02. 2024 - 16:00

B.M. Strupp Lern- und Gedenkort – Jüdische Geschichte und Antisemitismus

Meiningen | 01. 03. 2024 - 20:00

Meininger Kleinkunsttage - Ein bisschen Lars muss sein

Meiningen | 02. 03. 2024 - 20:00

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