Parks and Gardens

Thuringia was once home to a number of royal seats, which is why there are so many landscaped parks and gardens in the region today. In the early modern era, the region was divided into lots of tiny principalities, with each ruler investing heavily in making his palace gardens beautiful. Weimar is surrounded by no fewer than three parks. In Meiningen, the landscaped park stands out for its symmetrical design, while egapark in Erfurt reflects the city’s horticultural traditions. The botanical gardens in Jena are the second oldest in Germany. Relatively modern equivalents have been created for various garden shows. The site for the Federal Horticultural Show in Gera remains an attractive urban park with large green spaces, while ‘Die neue Mitte’ in Nordhausen combines a garden with the historical town wall. Every year, thousands of people also visit private gardens in Thuringia during the Open Gardens event in May and June.

Tourist Attractions