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The thousand-year-old town of Nordhausen is the Thuringian gateway to the Harz Mountains. The Harz Tourist Association has awarded Nordhausen the titles: Kinder Harz, Junger Harz and Kultur Harz (Transl. note: “Harz” is very similar to the German word “Herz”, meaning heart. These titles literally translate to “Children’s Harz”, “Young Harz” and “Culture Harz”). The new town center, the beautiful surrounding countryside, the wide range of leisure activities, and the variety of art and culture give the town its own special charm. But also, fun, new experiences and adventures do not come up short. You can dare to take the winding trip to the Brocken with a steam locomotive, treat your palate to a tasting of authentic “Doppelkorn” (grain schnapps), or climb around in the high ropes course.

Stadtinformation Nordhausen
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