Thuringian Originals

Who invented it? The Thuringians! That goes both for Christmas tree baubles and for the kindergarten. The German word ‘kindergarten’ has even been adopted in many other languages. It might be hard to believe, but the Brooklyn Bridge in New York would not exist were it not for the engineering ingenuity of a Mühlhausen bridge builder.

Today, many towns and cities in Thuringia continue to conduct research and drive innovation. Optical instruments and glass from Carl Zeiss in Jena enjoy an international reputation. Eisenach’s automotive industry has been producing various car models for more than 115 years. Thuringia has also been inventive with its natural resources. A former mine in Saalfeld has been transformed into fairy grottoes, while Sondershausen visitor mine boasts the deepest concert hall in the world.

Whether in the field of optics, astronomy, automotive engineering or steam locomotives, Thuringia embraces the new opportunities that modern technologies bring but without losing sight of its traditional heritage.

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