Palaces and Castles

Thuringia owes its extraordinary wealth of former royal seats to the principalities of the early modern era. The region’s lands were ruled by many different dynasties for more than four centuries. The cultural treasures that originate from that time remain for everyone to admire today. As well as the great residences, there are many grand buildings located away from the main streets. In Arnstadt, the ruins of Neideck Castle and the New Palace with its museum provide fascinating insights into courtly life. Heidecksburg Palace in Rudolstadt is beautifully preserved and highly sought after as a backdrop for TV and film productions, while Gotha is home to one of the region’s finest baroque ensembles, the ‘Baroque Universe’ with its four museums, theatre and palace park. The Almanach de Gotha, the most famous directory of the European nobility, was also published here for over 180 years and remains an important means of proving aristocratic ancestry.

Tourist Attractions