Privacy Statement

1. Personal data
Personal data is information that can be used to find out your identity. This includes information such as your name, address, postal address, telephone number and bank details.

Information that cannot be linked to your identity is not included.

2. Use of our website
When accessing the website operated by us and retrieving the content stored on it, such as files, images, documents, etc., no personal data is stored. You can basically use our online offer without disclosing your identity.

The Matomo analysis system evaluates and stores non-personal data for statistical purposes. These data are anonymous and cannot be linked to your person. These include:

  • IP address
  • country
  • type of device
  • browser
  • entry and exit pages
  • number of visits
  • number of actions
  • number of downloads

3. Ordering a prospectusIf you voluntarily provide us with personal data on our contact or order form, this data will be saved. It is up to you to decide whether to enter this data. The data is transmitted to the relevant employee and used exclusively to process this one process. Only a few specially authorized persons can access it. Under no circumstances will your personal data be passed on to third parties unless you have given your express consent.

Copyright Fotos

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